Keeping Up With Karen (Vol. 6)


Here I am , a Golden Girl again. I went back to SOL on Monday and got recoated (is that what they call it ?).

On Tuesday I dropped by LLS’ office and all the girls thought it was just a sun tan- talk about a sneaky tan- I do have to admit – I look good!!! Spray on tans are so fast and easy- I can remember when I was a girl and we used iodine and baby oil- UGH!! Your hands and knees were so dark and nasty looking but we were young and dumb.

I just signed up for more time at the LAB gym and am getting a girl friend to go as well. I was measured today and have already lost inches in numerous spots- What is more – I feel TIGHT-thats the only way I can explain it.

This week I have been hard at work letting people know about our Trivia Night for Dummies- Sept 15th at the American Legion behind Bristols on Olive. I have made patches for the winning team. I think I will make some for a losing team as well. These can be sewed onto a sweat shirt- and are the same as you would get from a professinoal group. There are people who have LLS sweat shirts and they can be sewed on or I can offer to do it for them.

I can not thank Riverfront Times enough for this amazing opportunity. I am so excited to show off for my friends (especially my daughter) tonight at the Big Reveal at The Moonrise Hotel!



Keeping Up With Karen (Vol. 5)

I can now be called a “Golden Girl” and I am not referring to the old Television show!

Yesterday I had an appointment at the DeMun location of SOL (sunless tanning salon) and now have a golden tan.

You know how your legs are always the last to tan- well now my legs match the rest of my body.

I could not believe how easy and fast it was to get a spray on tan- and how nice and even it looks-I will get a refresher before our BIG reveal. With white hair (that’s me) a tan shows nicely.

I need to praise my time at the Lab Gym as well. Today I had a nutrition session with Justin and came away with new ways to control what I eat – I had been eliminating bread before- so am on the right track for eating habits. This is a great session to make time for- and will pay off in how you feel and control your weight. I am so pleased with my time at the gym I will be adding more sessions on my own. I feel like my body is even stronger

You wonder how I have the energy to do all this and more! I have been distributing flyers to advertise our upcoming Trivia event which funds our Light The Night Walk team, who is raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s mission to cure blood cancers. My daughter and her coworker are secretly working on questions which I am not privy to. The Light the Night Walk is a big event in our lives (and others lives…they are expecting 10,000 walkers) and I encourage everyone to look it up on the internet and help fund a walker. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is such a worthy cause and really motivates us year round.

LLS not only helps fund researchers (3 of which are from Wash U) but also helps patients and their families financially. Anyone with a doctor’s note stating they have blood cancer can send their note to LLS and they will write you a check for $100 (that can be put towards anything). LLS can also provide patients whose insurance has capped (depending on the type of blood cancer you have and your financial situation) with $5,000 to $10,000 of additional funds towards your medical expenses. They also have support groups and lots of helpful educational materials. For more info visit:

Keeping Up With Karen–Vol. 4

Another busy week – how do the girls who work 9- 5 daily work everything in?!!

I did get that red hair at my make over at the Lash Loft- of course I still have it in a drawer at home as well- I am not sure if my family would have recognized me after my makeover. Faith of the Lash Loft had me looking pretty glamorous.

We also had clothes provided by the Glam Attic and I do not wear skirts too often -so that was a big change. My husband always says he won’t open the car door for me when I wear pants- so I will have to spring this on him.

What with going to the gym and keeping up my volunteering, I am now trying to go one more day to the gym. The Lab gym is work but fun as well.

My daughter made up posters for our Light The Night Walk Team‘s fundraiser so in my spare time I am working on this event that raises funds for LLS’ mission. Last year we tried a silent auction but she feels people prefer bakery items instead of baskets to bid on. I would start making cookies but with the temp over 100- I do not need to add more heat to the St. Louis temps. (Brian at the Lab Gym had me working so hard today I heated up St. Louis by another 5 degrees.)

Trivia Flyer 2012

Keeping Up With Karen (Vol. 3)

Written On: July 11, 2012

What a wild and crazy week!
Since my two weeks at the gym with a trainer I have decided to continue till the end of the month. I am currently going twice a week. The Lab Gym is a friendly place and I was pleased to see that a lot of older adults go there on a regular basis. My trainer is very good and makes sure I go the extra mile on all the routines.

As I mentioned before, everyone at Chesterfield Park Dental was very thorough and pleasant–a great experience–I can now dazzle you with my smile!

I had my first consultation with The Lash Loft–and Faith has assured me I will make a visual statment without looking too over the top for an older lady. For the Big Reveal Picture we decided to weave red extensions into my bangs to match my red Leukemia & Lymphoma Society shirt, but first I will be going to Glam Attic to find a cute vintage style outfit…Look for all of us each week in RFT!

This has been such a fun experience and I have stayed in close touch with my LLS representative Kelly Wahl–GO TEAM!!!


Friday the 13th!

Well, let’s just say this.. I’m not superstitious, but this day was a typical Friday the 13th… Ending with shattering my Iphone at the Lash Loft! By the way, the folks there are very nice, and were so gracious to accomodate us today. Yes, I was a bit surprised by my hair color, but I am going to give it a try. 😉 Admittedly, I had a brief moment of distress, as I am just not used  to wearing so much makeup, but this was necessary for the photo shoot. I hate pictures…and praise the RFT photographer for her patience! 😉
The Glam Attic was also very helpful, and I did score a super cute dress, sandals, and a necklace. So…Not such a bad day, now that I can reflect a bit, and get used to this new hair!

Keeping Up WIth Karen (Vol. 2)

I reserved the Legion Hall in Creve Coeur for our yearly Trivia Night that raises funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Last year, “Trivia Night for Dummies” was so much fun that we are going to do it again! It will be “Trivia Night for Dummies, Second Edition.” If you’re interested in attending, please mark your calendars for Sept. 15th and plan to participate, talk it up with your friends, get a table together, etc. We will also have a silent auction that night.

Tables and individuals can bring their own food, but the Legion Hall asks that people purchase beverages at their bar. Good thing is that they are very reasonably priced 🙂

In 2011, our fundraising efforts earned more than $2,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s mission. I would be thrilled if we could surpass this!


Week Four Makes Me…Hungry!!

I typically don’t lack in the hunger department, but now I stare at food like a bear coming out of hibernation.  To assist with this boost in my metabolism I have been visiting the Soulard market on Saturdays to get a variety of veggies and fruits and prep my food on Sundays to help feed me throughout the week.  I know, it sounds like a lot of work, but if you were doing as many dead lifts, bar curls, and falling over the elliptical you would be shoving healthy items down your pipe as well.  One easy way I handle most of my veggie intake (and protein) is cutting up all my favorite veggies up and place them in a large skillet and saute them up with a drizzle of olive oil. To add some flavor I will crush up a clove of garlic (or two depending on the day), dice up some sweet onion, add some flavored vinegars or cooking wines and whatever spices float my boat at the moment.  Stir them over heat for about 20 minutes until you veggies are tender. Then I add in my chicken or turkey sausage (pre-cooked) and mix it all together.  Viola! You have a great meal that your taste buds will enjoy and will fill your belly!  I like EVERYTHING!!! So I will place anything that will fit into the skillet. But I will list some items to give you a rough estimate of what I cook up…

One zucchini, one yellow squash, 1 1/2 C. broccoli, 7 large mushrooms, 1 C. of cubed sweet potato, and a handful of snap peas…typically that is the bulk of it. Then I add a half of an onion and the garlic.  The skillet will be full overflowing so proceed with caution as you stir it to cook evenly over medium heat.  The key is to add what you like or at least tolerate and you will build a fondness of it over time.

Why kick your as…ask me later what gets kicked lol